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Reinventing Payments For Businesses 🚀

A better way for businesses to get paid worldwide. PayCruiser® enables businesses to accept payments anywhere, anytime, without requiring credit cards or bank accounts.

Mobile and Desktop Payments

IOS, Android mobile apps and desktop applications to accept, access and send payments anywhere, anytime.

In-Store and Contactless Payments

Instantly turn your connected devices into a smart point of sale system and accept payments from all credits/debit cards. Use our sleek, modern contactless card readers to securely accept all major credit, debit, and EMV chip cards.

Programmable Payments API

Programmable payments infrastructure to securely send, accept or facilitate card payments within your website or mobile applications, via REST APIs. Our API supports both card-present and card, not present transactions.

Easy web Integration

Wheather you are using diffrent frontend framwork, paycruiser gives you simple way to integrate in any js based website.

API Reference Guide

Get all api details and get completely RESTful and all our responses are returned in JSON.